Transformation New Digital Tools – Timeline Change

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The rollout of the new digital tools (the new with online member registration and training, etc) has a new timeline. The below has been received from SHQ.

As you’ll have already heard, there has been a change to the timeline for the rollout of the new digital tools – the new membership system, the adult learning platform and the welcome platform. The tools are built and going through testing which has brought to light some challenges in accurately transferring a large amount of data of varying quality from Compass to the new digital system.  

In ensuring we get the best possible user experience, it’s important that time is taken to make sure the data in the new system is accurate. Ultimately this challenge will impact the go-live date of the new digital system and it’s expected that this will not be completed until later in 2024.  

This may sound disappointing however it provides us with an opportunity to continue to move towards those aspects of the volunteer experience transformation that don’t rely on digital tools, some of which we know you have been implementing or transitioning to already e.g. use of role titles and team-based volunteering.

What you can do now:

We’re working with our Transformation Leads across the country to identify areas that need support and how we can use this time to better prepare for the transition. We’ll make sure to share any information we receive from the central team regarding timelines and updates.

Should you have any questions, get in touch with your Regional Transformation Lead.  

You may already know that South East Region is our Early Adopter for Scotland. Don’t be concerned if you hear of that Region or their Districts doing things earlier than your local area. This is all about testing processes and making sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Thank you for all your hard work, patience and support. The new digital tools have the opportunity to transform the experience of our adult volunteers for the better. We are confident that they will be worth waiting for.

Many Thanks

Barry Donald-Hewitt

Chief Commissioner of Scotland