Lochgoilhead Adventure

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The 70th Cubs and Scouts enjoyed the glorious weather last weekend at an adventure camp over at Lochgoilhead Scout centre.

After arriving on the Friday night and settling in they were split into two groups. The cubs joined the younger scouts for their activities and the older scouts formed the other group.

Saturday morning was spent climbing the Jacobs Ladder for the Cubs and younger Scouts & most of them made it right up to the top rung.

Archery was next for this group with a few bullseyes being scored.

On Saturday afternoon the younger group took to canoes. Needless to say this session ended up with everyone cooling off in the loch having a big water fight.

The older Scouts spent the morning out on the water in the canoes. They managed some impressive balancing skills standing on the edges and jumping from boat to boat. They then practised their pioneering skills to build rafts.

After tea everyone headed off into the woods for some wide games and then they enjoyed a campfire before bed.

On Sunday morning the younger group were back out on the Loch, this time in the powerboats. They saw a pod of porpoises very close up and everyone had took a turn of steering.

After their boat trip they went for a short ramble through the woods and learned a lot about how to identify many of the different trees they saw. Their last activity was learning some bush craft skills to build shelters in the woods and light fires using a flint and steel.

The older Scouts spent the morning up at the rock climbing crag, where everyone abseiled off the top and some climbed back up. Then this group climbed the Jacobs Ladder before moving onto the indoor bouldering wall.

Everyone really enjoyed their weekend and they made it onto the bus just as the first drops of rain were falling.