District Events Calendar on Your Phone

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Never miss an event again. See the District Events Calendar within your own calendars on your phone. Simply go to the Events section in our website using the button below and click ‘Subscribe to calendar’ at the bottom of the page. You’ll see all our events on the days they appear alongside your own personal entries on your phone – in a different colour so it doesn’t get too busy. It works whether you use Google Calendars, Outlook, or a range of other calendar systems. You can ask for email notifications when an event gets added too!

And why not add your own section’s events to a calendar as well. That way all 3 calendars – your personal one, the District one and your section’s one – will be together in one simple place on your phone so that you can avoid conflicts and also share your section’s calendar with all your leaders so that they can have it on their phone too.

If you’ve not got any calendars set up yet, why not try Google’s one – no you don’t need to use gmail to use a google calendar. You first set it up using your desktop or laptop, then you download the Google Calendar app to your phone (Android or iPhone) and use it there day to day. Check out the tutorial below to get it set up.