1st Gourock Cubs Adventure Weekend

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The 1st Gourock cubs had a hike and overnight camp  last weekend.  They learned how to forage safely for edible plants, learning what plants are poisonous and which ones can be eaten with wander and wonder around Ardgowan estate.

They found jelly ears, cleavers, wild garlic and berries. They got to taste some petals and found some edible mushrooms too. 

After their forage it was time to hike. They headed past Braeton House, on the road round to Lunderston and up over Bargane hill onto the moors behind Gourock.  

At this point it became very cold and wet.  What had been fun adventures became a real challenge!

Everyone got soaked and the Cubs without waterproofs were even colder. 

Although they were becoming tired their leaders had to keep them moving to keep them warm. They managed to cross the moor and headed down into Gourock.

Back at their hall everyone got changed into dry clothes. They had potato and leek soup, a roast dinner with  mash and veg followed by a big slice of cake.  

Now that they’d warmed up morale came back up too, so they enjoyed their crafting session ,designing and building bug hotels. 

After a quiz and watching a movie it was time for bed. 

They were glad to be in their warm hall for the rest of the night, especially when they heard the wind and rain and thought about the Scouts camping  in tents at Everton.  

After such a busy day most Cubs were asleep early and all slept through to 8am  but quickly got up for cereal and hot pancakes with honey and fruit. 

It was sunny in the morning when they  put their finished bug hotels  outside in the grounds of the hall.  They hope the hotels  will have “guests” soon.  

They spent their last hour before collection toasting marshmallows on a fire. 

Massive thanks to the leader team, young leaders (explorers), parent helpers, Wander & Wonder and the Cubs themselves for a top weekend!