Transformation Update – 2023-03-20

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The below information has been received from the West Region chair.

Can you please note the information below for your District Executive and District Chair and forward it to GSL’s and Group Chairs. This also applies at West Region level as well.

Here is information that you need to know about the changes From Executive Committees to Trustee Boards.


Executive Committees renamed as Trustee Boards and Executive Committee Members renamed as Trustees.


To reinforce focus on the real role of Trustee Boards which are not a fundraising committee or hall management team. These aspects of running a District or Group are important, but the primary role and responsibilities are as charity Trustees.


From the publication of POR in mid-April 2023. The change of name to a Trustee Board begins immediately but is not required to be adopted through the annual AGM. therefore there is no need to seek approval of the District or Group Council.

POR updated

In the April 2023 edition of POR, all references to Executive Committees will be changed to Trustee Boards in all chapters. Similarly, Executive Committee Members will be renamed as Trustees. Please be aware that it may take longer to update the Scottish Variations of POR.

In the next four to six weeks, assuming I receive the relevant information from UKHQ and Scouts Scotland, I plan to meet with the Regional, District and Group Executives to go over the changes in detail. Ideally I would like to do this face-to-face, but if it requires us to have a Zoom meeting then I will arrange this.