Paddleboarding Accident Lessons Learnt

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On 30th October 2021 four paddleboarders lost their lives on a river trip  in Haverfordwest, Wales. This was the biggest loss of life in paddling since Lyme Bay in 1993 (look it up if you don’t recognise it).

British Canoeing would like to share the following case study – Commercial Stand Up Paddleboarding Accident, Haverfordwest: Lessons Learnt from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch Report.

Lessons to be learned by every instructor, coach, leader and deployer from the independent investigation into the most recent accident involving multiple fatalities within a paddlesport activity.

The report is here:…/Case-Study….

Weirs are designed to take energy out of a river and there are huge hydrolic forces invloved.

They are not recreational features for paddlers – keep away from them.

They are lethal.