Clyde Coastguard Visit the 70th

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This week we had a team from Clyde Coastguard who are based at the fire station come and visit us.  

They arrived in one of their vehicles as they were on call. Luckily they managed to avoid being called to a rescue and could spent some time with us.  

The troop were shown the sort of equipment that the car has onboard.  From long spikes to help with mud rescues, throwing lines , first aid kits ,stretchers and even a defibrillator.   The Scouts enjoyed making the lights flash and the sirens sound on the car too. 

Allison had the chance to try on a dry suit & life- jacket and the special “mudder” shoes that are worn when carrying out a rescue in mud. 

The scouts tried on the coastguard jackets and helmets.

They  learned how to throw a throwing line to a casualty, and that it’s essential to keep a hold of the end of the rope when doing this!

They saw all the equipment carried in the first aid kit  and learned about the different flares that can be deployed when a boat gets into difficulties. They also learned about the white flares that can be used to light up a search area. 

One of the coastguard team was a Venture Scout at the 70th , whilst another belonged to the 99th Group.  Kenny took the opportunity to have his photo taken with them. 

We all now know that 999 is the number to call when the coastguard is needed.  

Thanks to Greenock Coastguard Rescue Team for their time. The Scouts enjoyed their evening.