Transformation New Digital Tools – Timeline Change

The rollout of the new digital tools (the new with online member registration and training, etc) has a new timeline. The below has been received from SHQ. As you’ll

Transformation Update – 2023-04-02 – Compass Updates

The below document has been cascaded from the transformation team. It asks us to ensure all our members’ data is updated correctly in Compass. Specifically paying attention to the below

Transformation Update – 2023-03-20

The below information has been received from the West Region chair. Can you please note the information below for your District Executive and District Chair and forward it to GSL’s

Transformation Update 2023-02-22

Following this Regional Executive meeting on 22nd Feb where the Regional Chair updated members on the planned changes from Executive Committee to Trustee Boards, he has received an email from

Transformation Update – 2023-02-14

Important: See the later Transformation Update dated 22nd Feb which revises dates referred to in the article below. The below communication has been received for the Regional Chairman Good afternoon,