5th & 33rd at the Scottish National Sailing Regatta

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Scouts from the 5th & 33rd Scouts along with Westburn Explorers took part in the Scottish National sailing regatta at Lochgoilhead at the weekend.

They tried their hand at single handed sailing, crew sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and a power boat challenge.

They also took part in mountain biking, archery, 3 stack and crate climbing.

“A big well done to all our scouts and explorers who took part in the sailing regatta this weekend.”

Andrea was third in the single handed sailing. Callum won a prize for his determination!
He really impressed the instructors because no matter how strong the wind was, he still tried to paddle & kept smiling and laughing.

The 33rd group came third overall which was a great achievement considering the competition that they were up against.

The leaders were really proud of the friendship skills that they all showed. Paige from the 5th demonstrated this with those she had travelled with, as well as with the new scout friends she made. She teamed up with them to help them all compete in the different heats over the weekend.

They hope to return to Lochgoilhead for more fun and adventures in 2024.