33rd & 10th Joint Camp

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The 33rd and 10th recently enjoyed a joint summer camp and had an awesome time making some great memories.

They began their adventures taking a boat trip from Seahouses in Northumberland. The water looked calm from the shore but once outside the harbour the swell started to sway the boat, the Gladtidings V. This made the trip even more exciting.

The captain had said they would be lucky to see seals because of the choppy conditions but they were very lucky and saw lots of seals.

Passing a lighthouse they went around the first island, which was a bit more sheltered. Going to the next island the swell got bigger again but that didn’t stop the Scouts spotting even more seals, along with guillemots, puffins, razorbills, shags, gannets, arctic skua and kittiwakes.

Further out to sea they saw the lighthouse that Grace Darling lived in, and from where she made her famous rescue of 9 people who survived a shipwreck on the neighbouring island. Back on dry land they had a “chippy” lunch before exploring the town, souvenir shopping, crazy golf and then visiting the RNLI station. Once they got to the back at the lodge they made up packed lunches for the next day and had some free time, dinner and a movie night.

Next day was spent in Bamburgh. They had a guided tour of the castle before looking around on their own. The armoury and the dungeons were very popular with the Scouts. Then they visited the Grace Darling Museum where they learned more about Grace’s heroics saving shipwrecked survivors at the Farne Islands. Then they travelled to their new accommodation at Ford Castle. They were living the high life now! Sleeping in proper beds and having meals cooked for them, and where the staff even did the washing up!

Activities there included rafting, zip wire and air rifle shooting.

Big thanks to all the leaders for the planning, the answering of late emails and for making this a great experience for the Scouts.