Happy Lunar New Year

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This week the 70th Scouts celebrated the Chinese new year. They learned that this is the year of the Dragon. The nights’ activities had a Chinese theme.

The first game was “eat as many sweets as you can pick up using chopsticks” game. Some Scouts were more proficient than others!

Then it was Chinese whispers, the phrases that were whispered to the start of the circle were somewhat different to those that made it back!

Each patrol then decorated their own banner using Chinese characters and their own artwork. These will been displayed on the wall on the hall for a couple of weeks as the new year celebrations last 2 weeks.

For the more adventurous, prawn crackers were used to dip into a range of different sauces including fish, plum & soy.

There was a Lunar New Year quiz , then a new game of “catch the dragon’s tail”. This was a bit chaotic but the scouts seemed to enjoy it.