Radio Club Celebrates with the Guides

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Greenock District Scouts Amateur Radio Club, using the call sign GB0GGR, joined with Girl Guiding Renfrewshire to celebrate World Thinking Day.

The club provided radio related activities for participants from all over Renfrewshire County.

For many it was their first experience of Amateur Radio. Most of them were able to send their greetings messages across the airwaves.

Using an idea taken from a contact made during Jamboree on the air (JOTA) the Guides carried out a survey on air. The thinking behind this was that the participants would feel more relaxed when using the microphone.

The question asked was “should pineapple be on a pizza?”. For those interested, the poll showed that the answer to this question was a resounding NO!

Also on offer was the ever-popular Morse Code battleships game and various radio related desktop activities. The Brownies in particular eagerly participated on the radio and Thinking Day Bingo.

Outdoors, there were a number of activities including a QR code game featuring Amateur Radio and Thinking Day questions.

Our Scout operators were ably assisted by Gourock District Commissioner, Jane Morwood, who ensured a smooth throughput of visitors as well as leading the young people in a number of the activities.

Throughout the day the station was visited by a some Girl guiding dignitaries including Girl Guiding Renfrewshire County Commissioner Sheila Young and Girl Guiding Greenock Division Commissioner Wilma Caroll.

A good day was had by all and the radio club look forward to welcoming more young people at their next event.