JOTA / JOTI 2023

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The Radio Club hosted a very successful JOTA/JOTI event last weekend.

The Club members were ably assisted by Jack Bradley from the 70th Scouts, who having recently completed the Scout Communicator badge , has now begun working towards gaining the Amateur Radio Foundation Licence.

Young people from all sections across the district were able to speak to other Scouts in the UK and across the world, including the World Scout Bureau Europe in Luxembourg.

Beavers from the 10th & 2nd Groups thoroughly enjoyed the Phonetic Alphabet and Morse Code treasure hunt.
Jamboree on the Internet and computer related activities included Scout Minecraft, a bomb disposal game where communications skills are required to relay details of how to defuse the emote bomb.

Our younger attendees were able to explore the environment and find hidden creatures using the Under Leaves game.

Morse Code Battleships proved a big hit with everyone, but was particularly popular with the Darroch Explorer Unit for whom it developed into a fiercely contested battle.

Cubs and Scouts from the 32nd and 73rd Groups enjoyed radio related word searches and crosswords in addition to the games mentioned above.

Our “priceless” prizes were eagerly accepted and one of the Beavers would like to know how much a pirate’s doubloon is worth “in our money”. So, if there are any pirates out there, please email us and let us know! ur email address is [email protected]

The Radio Club would like to thank everyone who helped make it a success, the young people, their leaders and friends of the club who gave up their time to assist with the activities.

A particular thanks to the Amateur Radio Operators who took the time to speak with our young people.